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 Amelia Mitchell

The power of 1/4 of an hour.....

by Gary Mitchell on 08/11/15

As we are in the midst of the county fair season, there is a scene that I see play out all too often, including at our own house.  An hour is spent every day at sports practice.  The schedule of the kids seems to revolve around this hour.  It is a precious hour that takes hours to prepare for, and hours to recover from.  If they could just spend 1/4 of the time they spend at sports practice working with their show animals, they would be tough contenders in the game.  This is true for many households.  I often get asked about the magic secret to winning without working at it.  It does not exist.  The magic secret to winning simply does not include spending 3 minutes in the barn throwing feed over the gate.  What is does involve is removing your project from it's pen, and spending 15 minutes bonding, walking, setting up, and bracing.  When done every weekday in the summer (I presume you are showing on Saturday, and resting on Sunday) for 15 minutes, you will be at the top of your game.  The power of 1/4 of an hour....