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The traveling Salesman husband and the farm wife

by Gary Mitchell on 09/19/15

As I was home this week (once again) while Gary was traveling for work in Texas, I had a family friend text me to make sure the girls, the goats and I were all OK.  He asked if I write the blog while Gary was away.  I laughed and said I always have something happen that I could wright about.  In addition to working full time with an hour commute each way, I have two very busy teenage girls to keep up with, and 40 goats to take care of; all while my husband travels 3 out of every 4 weeks!  This past week was no different.....The night before he leaves we noticed one of our spring doe kids was just off.  She wasn't aggressive at the feeder and just not her normal perky self.  We temped her and she had 105 degree fever.  No other physical symptoms.  So here I go...I give her some Duramycin, Banamine and Probiotics.  The next morning, not much changed.  She still has a 105 degree temp, so I give her Sulfa and some Power Punch.   I worry about theses silly goats all day long at work.  When I get home I drench her with ice water but the fever hangs on all week.  Two days after the first dose of antibiotic and Banamine, she got a second dose of each.  I continue with the probiotics, Sulfa and Power Punch every day.  The fever finally broke Friday evening, and Gary got home at 9 pm Friday .

The second crazy thing that happened was with our track dog Scar.  I took some table scraps out to mix in with the dry food for the guard dogs and Scar.  During chores Scar hangs with me and I throw a tennis ball for him.  I noticed he had found the empty plastic container the table scraps were in and was licking it.  I figured no big deal until I looked over and saw him chewing a large chunk of the plastic.  When I went over to take it out of his mouth he swallowed it!  I knew if I called Gary he would freak cause this is a valuable dog.  I worried he wouldn't be able to pass it and I would end up at the vets office with a dog on the operating table.  I called a friend from church who is a small animal vet.  He recommended to induce vomiting.  I drenched him with a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxided every five minutes  until he vomited.  (it took four doses)  Up came his dinner and a piece of plastic slightly larger than a golf ball. 

There is hardly a day that something interesting isn't going on here.