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We are perfecting Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transplant in goats to allow us to propagate elite gene pools from multiple breeding programs.  This allows us to offer more unique choices to our customers, at a reasonable cost.  Feel free to call or e-mail with any questions. We're looking forward to meeting you.

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8 National/Major Show Champions, of 4 Breeds, & 2 species walk our pastures.
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            November 14, 2019 
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Raising and showing Boer goats is a passion our whole family shares. 
Gary, Rebecca, Justine and
 Amelia Mitchell


Herd reduction

by Gary Mitchell on 08/11/15

Due to a recent promotion at work, requiring extensive travel throughout the US and Canada, we are reducing the size of our doe herd in order to make winter chores easier on those at home.  After we sort off everyone's favorites pets to keep, plus a few donor does, that leaves several high quality females available for purchase that would not otherwise be offered for sale.  This list includes sisters to 2TNL Go Dog Go, the 2012 ABGA National Champion Yearling buck, plus daughters of the does listed on our DOES page.  Call to discuss what we have left.  Most does have been bred, many A.I. at this time.

Congratulations Amelia!

by Gary Mitchell on 07/27/15

Our youngest daughter, Amelia won her age division in the goat skill-a-thon at the Ohio State Fair this weekend.  Her older sister, Justine, place 3rd in her age division.

Working with a breeder

by Gary Mitchell on 07/27/15

Each year at this time we get several calls, texts, or e-mails from new breeders looking for a buck.  By now I have learned to ask the buyer about their goals and budget for their breeding program.  Here is how I evolved to this point.

True story:

A few years ago I was down to my last 3 sale bucks.  I had them priced at $1,500, $1,000, and $750 respectively.  It was August, I was tired of feeding them, and they just needed a new home.  I had a potential buyer call who recently lost his buck and needed one immediately.  I told him to take his pick for $1,000; without giving him the prior prices.  You guessed it, he chose the $750 buck, and took 45 minutes to make his decision.  He would have been better off to close his eyes and take the first one he could catch in the pen.  Or, he could have shared his goals for his breeding program and asked my opinion.  The moral of the story is not to make fun of this buyer.  It is to understand the value of getting to know a breeder and sharing your goals with the breeder in a manner that they are able to assist with your selection.  Find a breeder that you can trust, work with them to build a breeding program for yourself, and quit looking for that silver bullet 500 miles away from home.

2016 Ohio State Fair wether show

by Gary Mitchell on 07/27/15

Congratulations to the Pence and Johnson families on their champions.  Each year that we have attended the wether show at the Ohio State Fair has continually impressed us with the quality of livestock.  Their were over 300 wethers shown.  You could go 6-7 deep in nearly each class and find good ones.  Class #8 was as tough of a class as any show we have seen.  Multiple breeders and exhibitors had success on this day.  It is exciting to see the future of our industry unfold in front of us.